The Logos Press Engine is the mixed-media publishing outlet of the Logos collective.

Reflecting our mission, it explores the protection of civil liberties, the ethos of crypto, the possibilities of distributed systems, and how these are shaping the future of human societies.

At Logos we are focused on building the original vision of web3: a fully decentralised technology stack offering private p2p messaging, a distributed data store and a programmable public blockchain. In the spirit of the cypherpunk movement, these components are designed to respect privacy across their design.

The end game is a self-sovereign territory in cyberspace and a base upon which to develop a new social order with stable, fair, and just institutions for anyone connected to the Internet.

For this vision there is no blueprint, so this grand experiment needs a political identity and a community to talk it through. We are firm believers that blockchains don’t need terms of service; they need constitutions. 

This site is the place where part of this conversation happens. We like to think of it in the same vein as The Federalist Papers, a collection of essays published pseudonymously by the Founding Fathers to promote the ratification of the US Constitution and the ideals it enshrined. 

More than 200 years later, the time has come to explore novel forms of human organisation, political order and global public institutions. As the model those essays advocated is dismantled, we are moved to promote a new one to preserve the same ideals of liberty, autonomy and sovereignty. 

Success requires a thoughtful conversation about what a post-liberal world of competitive governance looks like. If this search resonates with you, join us. We are open to funding writers, thinkers and researchers who want to contribute.


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