minutes29 November 2023

Ameen Soleimani of Privacy Pools | Unpacking Privacy Pools – Motivations, Mechanics, and Tradeoffs

Hashing It Out
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The Hashing it Out team speaks with Ameen Soleimani, co-author of the Privacy Pools paper - Blockchain Privacy and Regulatory Compliance: Towards a Practical Equilibrium. Ameen, along with Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum Foundation), Jacob Illum (Chainalysis), Matthias Nadler (University of Basel), and Fabian Schär (Center for Innovative Finance, University of Basel; University of Basel - Economics Department) describe a novel smart contract-based privacy-enhancing protocol. Corey, D, and Jesse chat with Ameen about the motivations behind Privacy Pools, historical references including Tornado Cash and Z Cash, as well as the mechanics and tradeoffs associated with the approach. 

Episode hosts - Demetrick Fergurson, Corey Petty, Jessie Santiago

Produced by - Christian Noguera 

And edited by - Christian Noguera

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