minutes20 March 2024

HIO Hardware Series | Let’s Build a Dappnode Together!

Hashing It Out

Jessie is showing Corey, Dee, and everyone watching how to build your own node. The computer is based on a parts list similar to a Dappnode and meets the minimum hardware performance requirements necessary to run an Ethereum node. Dappnode is sponsoring this episode and offering a discount code on all Dappnode Home Models. Discount code can be found in the show.



Yeah. So welcome to build a node with Jesse. We'll use that. Don't know, for Young's nice East Coast slang in the US for Young's that don't know. We're going to be building a node. Because decentralization is important.


Corey Petty

Because we're building a bunch of nodes. Yeah, building a DApp node.



Yeah. This specific one will be homegrown hardware selections from Jesse. And then he is going to load the DApp node OS onto his node. So Jesse, you should take it away with, like, start from the bottom up with this build, like. Yeah.

Episode hosts - Demetrick Ferguson, Corey Petty, Jessie Santiago

Produced by - Christian Noguera

Edited by - Joe Seibert

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