minutes10 July 2024

Cyprien Grau | Status App: Governance Enabled Community

Hashing It Out
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Dee and Jessie speak with Cyprien Grau of Status about the future of the Status Network, focusing on their vision for creating an open-source, decentralised crypto communication super app. They explore the intricacies of staking contracts, rollup technology, and the delicate balance between maintaining decentralisation and ensuring economic feasibility. The conversation sheds light on the complexities of launching a rollup in today's saturated market and underscores the significance of community engagement and governance in the evolving crypto landscape.



Hey everybody, welcome back to another amazing interview with hashing it out, hashing it out, podcast audio, whatever you want to call it. Do we have like what would we call our fans? Hashers.






Yes from I know from Jess. Well anyways everyone we are joined here today. By Cyp. Can I call you Cyp?

Episode hosts - Demetrick Ferguson & Jessie Santiago

Produced by - Christian Noguera

Edited by - Joe Siebert 


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