minutes26 June 2024

David Vorick | Glow: Sustainable Solar Farming

Hashing It Out
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Dee and Jessie speak with David Vorick, a Glow enthusiast and developer, about using incentive dollars to build, operate, and establish solar farms that will subsequently fund another solar farm in a DePIN cycle.



Hey everybody. Welcome back. Welcome back to another amazing hashing it out interview. You know, they're amazing because you're tuning back in right now. We enjoy having you all here. Today we are joined with a glow evangelist, a glow developer all around. Amazing gentleman, if you will, Mr. David Vorick. Hello. How are you, Mr. Burg?


David Vorick

How are you doing? Great. It's great to be here.



Great to have you. I'd like to commend you on looking like your Twitter profile picture. That's good. That's always a thing, but some people don't. But you do anyways. Why don't why don't you give our audience a short introduction? Let let us know who you are. And then we'll just start to pick up the conversation from there.

Episode hosts - Demetrick Ferguson & Jessie Santiago

Produced by - Christian Noguera

Edited by - Joe Siebert 

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