minutes11 August 2023

Jordi Baylina of Polygon zkEVM | Zero Knowledge, Privacy, Scalability and Building Useful Technology

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The Hashing it Out team sits down with Jordi Baylina to discuss everything from his involvement in the Catalan Independence Movement, DApp Node, and Giveth to technical details associated in bringing privacy and compression to zk proofs via recursion.



03:10|03:10: Dapp Node, Giveth, Catalan Independence Movement, and useful technology

06:14|06:14: Infrastructure decentralization connection to the internet

06:55|06:55: ISP’s and Spanish government censor voting in the Catalan Independence Movement

08:38|08:38: What does it mean for technology to work appropriately?

11:10|11:10: My mission

12:00|12:00: Why is zk technology so important right now

14:50|14:50: Zero knowledge is not only privacy. Also for validity and scalability

17:35|17:35: Tradeoffs between privacy and compression in zero knowledge proofs

19:20|Recursion, aggregation, and trees of proofs

21:00|21:00: What are the downfalls of current implementation of zkEVMs building on Ethereum

22:45|22:45: Is privacy a requirement to working?

23:40|23:40: Efficient aggregation of proofs in the context data storage systems

28:10|28:10: Speeding up msn operations and speed requirements

31:00|Keeping up with the pace of research

34:00|Building proficient teams

38:25|38:25: Speeding up the learning curve

40:00|40:00: Scaling Ethereum, liquid democracy, anonymous voting, data privacy and other goals

44:14|44:14: Scalability, usability and challenges facing utility

45:10|45:10: Prioritizing features, work, and releases

49:20|49:20: Risk assessment in the ecosystem

51:40|51:40: Define zk in 10 words or less

52:40|52:40: Is what you do hard?

54:40|54:40: Follow up roundtable with Corey, D, and Jesse

Episode hosts - Demetrick Fergurson, Corey Petty, Jessie Santiago

Produced by - Christian Noguera

And edited by - Christian Noguera

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