minutes17 February 2023

Patrick O’Grady of Ava Labs | Application Infrastructure Part 2

Hashing It OutHashing It Out
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Hashing It Out is continuing its series on blockchain infrastructure with part 2 of the Application layer. In this episode, Corey, Dee and Jessie talk to Head of Engineering at Ava Labs, Patrick O’Grady. Prior to joining Ava Labs, Patrick worked as a software engineer at Coinbase where he created Rosetta - a system and method for integration of components to facilitate executing transactions with different blockchain networks by using a standard API format. Patrick has a deep understanding of blockchain networks and the infrastructure surrounding them.



06:00|How does one construct a virtual machine (VM)

10:20|Tradeoffs of building with blockchain VM vs nonblockchain

16:05|Leveraging data to build the right infra for the application

18:55|Importance of maintaining blockchain states and tradeoffs for throughput

23:20|Bootstrapping peers and the evolving notion

26:20|The ever changing landscape of building applications on blockchain infrastructure

33:20|Waiting for technology to catch up to the application

38:00|Don’t fix what isn’t broken

41:00|How do we build bridges safely

45:50|Can quick and seamless messaging make up for lack of native composability

48:00|Optionality for building applications

52:30|Early days of Avalanche subnets

Episode hosts - Demetrick Fergurson, Corey Petty, Jessie Santiago

Produced by - Christian Noguera

Original music and sound design contributed by - Jeremy Bloom, Annie McEwen, Matt Kielty

And edited by - Christian Noguera

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