minutes11 January 2024

Robin Linus of ZeroSync and BITVM.org | Pioneering Proof Systems, Adoption in Bitcoin

Hashing It Out
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Corey, D, and Jessie sit down with Robin Linus of ZeroSync — the team spearheading the development of proof systems for Bitcoin for scalability, interoperability, and privacy. Robin discusses everything from the recently published BitVM white paper, challenges and tradeoffs of validation proofs on Bitcoin, ZK coins, and his birthday cake from Gisele Bündchen.


0:00|Intro: Robin Linus of ZeroSync

5:45|Introducing the paper: BitVM: Compute Anything on Bitcoin — first steps to implementation

8:48|How do you get zero-knowledge proof validations on Bitcoin? (and security assumptions)

14:00|How do you differentiate from drive chains?

16:45|Difference in resource costs — comparing BIP-300 and SNARK-based rollouts on Bitcoin

18:55|Matching instructions with Bitcoin for computation

23:15|Designing for Bitcoin stateless script

24:30|The mission of ZeroSync — creating a proof system to sync Bitcoin's chain state instantly

29:27|Pushing zero-knowledge ideals on Bitcoin — positive and negative responses

34:00|A hard fork of Bitcoin’s consensus rules?

35:42|Is ETH a shitcoin to you? Money needs to be designed on mathematics, not trust

37:15|Data availability problems and solutions

40:50|Tradeoffs of any chain as it scales. Bitcoin is and always will be proof of work

44:35|ZK coins

46:40|Why do L2s in the Ethereum ecosystem need data availability?

50:40|Long-term data persistence and solutions — sampling, bridge nodes, and more

52:45|ZeroSync developer toolkit and the stack chosen

58:05|What is your shitcoin of choice? Gisele Bündchen birthday cake

1:03:05|Is what you do actually difficult?

1:04:00|10 words or less: Can you describe Bitcoin?

Episode hosts - Demetrick Fergurson, Corey Petty, Jessie Santiago

Produced by - Christian Noguera

Edited by - Joe Siebert & Christian Noguera

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