minutes22 August 2023

Shane Mac of XMTP | The Power of Web3 Messaging

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The team is joined by Shane Mac, Co-founder of XMTP - the secure messaging network for Web3 to discuss their goal of allowing any wallet address to message with one another. Shane walked us through his long history in the world of messaging and working with Web2 giants including Facebook bots, Ebay, and email clients, in his journey to make connecting with each other more human. Shane is an experienced start-up founder with a refreshing vision and outlook on how to bring Web3 to the next billion users.



01:45|Facebook, Email, and connecting with stranger driving acquisition by Blackberry

03:10|Creating form factor messaging experiences in crypto

06:30|Identities, Messaging, and Privacy – A demo of Coinbase Wallet

09:00|Selectively disclosing and the analogy to Apple’s “hide me email"

13:30|UX, intuitive design and more user experience into Web3

16:30|P2P messaging infrastructure of XMTP and owning your messages

18:50|The lifecycle of a message in XMTP

23:20|Breaking the shackles of Web2 walled gardens

25:00|Web3 brings in new models outside of “Value is Data”

27:28|A world where no one knows XMTP exists and any wallet address can communicate

29:30|Marketplace and network dynamics – the network has a lesser take rate than the app

31:05|What drives revenue and growth?

35:00|Wallets are just managements of various types of identity and being chain agnostic

36:31|Universal inbox, spam prevention, filtering - Converse App example

42:40|Onboarding into web3 was painful but it’s getting easier

44:55|Coinbase Wallet partnership and messaging as the heart of the universe

46:44|Focus and roadmap ahead

47:50|Ten words or less and Is what you do hard? Drawing from past experiences

Episode hosts - Demetrick Fergurson, Corey Petty, Jessie Santiago

Produced by - Christian Noguera

And edited by - Christian Noguera

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