minutes3 April 2024

Vinay Gupta | Mattereum: Part 1

Hashing It Out
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Vinay Gupta is a cryptographic applications developer and part of the original Ethereum team. In this episode, he introduces his company Mattereum, which focuses on securitising physical assets on the Ethereum blockchain.

Corey, Dee, and Jessie talk to Gupta about Mattereum's goal to provide a scalable and legally-regulated way to conduct transactions involving physical assets, envisioning a system where blockchain functions as a namespace registry, while transactions happen on more efficient and ephemeral layers.


Corey Petty

Quick ability to introduce yourself. Welcome back to check it Out. Got another great interview for you with Vinay Gupta. We've, uh, we've interviewed quite a few times over the past years, over the past podcasts that we've called or at least the name of this podcast. But, um, why don't you do the normal thing and give us an introduction as kind of where you came from, what you're doing, and, uh, why you're here.


Vinay Gupta

Sure. Um, so Vinay Gupta. Uh, I, um, uh, I guess a kind of cryptographic applications developer by trade, among others. Uh, I was part of the Ethereum team at the beginning. Uh, and I now run a company called Mattereum, uh, which is Ethereum infrastructure for handling physical assets and, uh, potential real world assets in general on the Ethereum and maybe other blockchains.


Corey Petty

Why did you move that direction? That's not where you came from. That's not where you got started with Ethereum. Like why? Why did you choose? Physical assets and material as what were you spending a good portion of your attention in time?

Episode hosts - Demetrick Fergurson, Corey Petty, Jessie Santiago

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