minutes22 May 2024

Stella Assange: Appeal Update | Logos Podcast with Jarrad Hope

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"...the United States did not give satisfactory assurance in relation to Julian being able to rely on constitutional protections for freedom of speech." 

- Stella Assange on husband Julian being granted the right to appeal extradition. 


This episode originally aired in December 2023. We bring it to you again in light of the May 2024 UK court decision in which Julian was granted the right to appeal extradition to the US. 


Jarrad Hope, co-founder of Logos, sits down with Stella Assange, lawyer, human rights defender, and wife of Julian Assange, for an in-depth conversation about Wikileaks, Julian Assange, and the role technology has played in shaping the global socio-political landscape. Stella talks about her experience working on Julian Assange's legal team, her introduction to new technologies, including Bitcoin, and the current surveillance state that has emerged since the rise of the open internet.



Host- Jarrad Hope

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