minutes4 July 2024

Niklas Anzinger: Decentralised Cities & Crypto-Driven Biotech | Logos Podcast with Jarrad Hope

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Jarrad Hope talks to Niklas Anzinger, Founder & CEO of Vitalia City and Founder & General Partner at Infinita VC, about building a decentralised city for crypto-driven biotech and the regulatory challenges these types of communities face.



Niklas Anzinger X - https://x.com/NiklasAnzinger

Stranded Technologies - https://www.strandedtechnologies.com/



Niklas Anzinger

I think is like the secret sauce in Prospera that we want to develop a system that is not entirely different. So we are still operating under the same standards. We're still using common law, we still use regulation, right. And like third party enforcement of these regulations if something goes wrong. But we just have a different mechanisms, how we sort out the good regulations from the bad in ways which doesn't happen in the current system.


Jarrad Hope

Hi, I'm Jared Hope, co-founder of logos, a fully decentralized, privacy preserving and politically neutral tech stack. Today we're talking with Niklas Anzinger, founder and CEO of Vitalia City and founder of Infinita VC. Thanks for for joining me, Niklas.


Niklas Anzinger

Fantastic to be here, Jarrad.

Episode host - Jarrad Hope

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