minutes10 April 2024

Prof. Tom W. Bell: Special Jurisdictions, Copyrights & Internet Law | Logos Podcast with Jarrad Hope

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In the episode, Jarrad Hope talks to Professor Tom W. Bell about the process of shifting from traditional nation-states to more flexible, innovative, specialized jurisdictions. They also dive into the practical mechanisms for establishing such jurisdictions, the importance of foundational legal systems like Ulex, and the challenges posed by traditional copyright hindrances. Overall, Tom and Jarrad reflect on the need for resilient and adaptive models that can withstand the challenges of the future while promoting human flourishing and the benefits of technology like blockchain in achieving these aims. 

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Jarrad Hope

Great. Well, I mean, it's a pleasure to to speak with you, Tom or Professor Bell. I first got exposed to to your book, Your Next Government many years ago and was enamored by many of the concepts that that you presented and argued for it in there. And I don't know if you probably wouldn't recall, but many years ago, I ended up emailing you about your


Tom Bell



Jarrad Hope

And thinking about how to implement this in smart contract form, or at least the sort of arbitration aspect of it. And I've been using these ideas to try and design a political system around, you know, these public programable blockchains as well. So yeah, I just wanted to talk about these and your ideas around copyrights. And yeah, I've used these points in some of my talks as well, but maybe you'd like to introduce yourself and tell us

Host - Jarrad Hope

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