minutes13 December 2023

Stella Assange: Human Rights and Alternative Modes of Organising | Logos Podcast with Jarrad Hope

Logos Podcast

Jarrad Hope, co-founder of Logos, sits down with Stella Assange — lawyer, human rights defender, and wife of Julian Assange —  for an in-depth conversation about WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, and the role technology has played in shaping the global socio-political landscape. Stella talks about her experience working on Julian Assange's legal team, her introduction to new technologies, including Bitcoin, and the current surveillance state that has emerged since the rise of the open internet.


0:00|Introductions — Stella’s background, apartheid, politics, the arts, Julian Assange legal team

6:35|Motivations of joining and studying law and politics — idealism, justice, society

10:35|Growing up in the coming of age of the internet — WikiLeaks, Iraq War logs, new journalism

12:30|Jarrad’s inspirations — International Subversives Magazine, Cypherpunk Mailing List, and more

14:00|The US prosecution against Julian Assange — a political test and failure of the justice system

18:20|Information asymmetry, Edward Snowden, and the movement towards open information

20:15|WikiLeaks grew out of a culture in which the government should be open

25:50|Jarrad’s journey into civil libertarianism and building Logos

29:00|Carrying on the torch of Ethereum — building censorship-resistant cyber states

31:20|Stella’s introduction to crypto by Julian — 2011 meeting with Google about Bitcoin

34:35|Bitcoin is the real Occupy Wall Street — how cryptography can make a real world impact

37:00|Preserving reality as the tools to manipulate it become more powerful

39:55|Social media censorship and WikiLeaks adoption of BTC

42:00|Arab Spring, WikiLeaks utility in Tunisia, Egypt, and around the world

45:15|Crypto and the need for alternative systems, communities, and modes of organising

50:30|A dangerous, post-state system and surveillance capitalism

54:50|Underlying causes for a shift in behaviour and the 'War on Terror'

59:00|What does Julian Assange case mean for journalism, activism, liberties, and human rights?

1:12:40|An update on Julian Assange's precarious legal situation

1:20:10|Free Speech, activism, and the course the world has taken since Julian’s imprisonment.

Episode hosts - Jarrad Hope

Produced by - Christian Noguera 

And edited by - Christian Noguera

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