minutes15 November 2023

Edgard of Status | Status Super App Reborn – Decentralised Infrastructure and Autonomous Communities

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This is a special episode of Hashing in Out in which Corey, D, and Jesse, meet with "Edgard" about the impending relaunch of Status – the super app for decentralised communities, and the recent launch of the new website (https://status.app/). Corey, former Chief Security Officer of Status and now involved in program management of Logos, is deeply familiar with Status and the challenges associated with building decentralised infrastructure. Edgard breaks down the last two years of developing Status, staying true to core principles, and some very exciting new features to come.



06:55|Edgard introduction

07:40|Progress from the previous versions: Redesign, features, infrastructure

10:35|History of Status and the ultimate vision of a free internet and truly decentralized Super App

15:05|Why Status has taken time, commitment to principles, and delivering a premium experience

20:39|Challenges of decentralized infrastructure and delivering on the value proposition

25:30|Status communities, Decentralizing communication, Wall Street Bets, Ownership

28:38|Technical details of data ownership, Waku nodes, and distribution

33:30|Waku messaging – relay nodes, light push nodes, and driving scale

37:35|A gossip network – driving decentralization and privacy

43:49|Spam management – network level (Waku) and user level prevention (Status)

47:52|Decentralized Social & token building blocks  – gating, permissions, minting, airdrops

55:25|Community Dapp Plugin system and Dapp Chat plug in system

58:40|Making a seamless multichain world

|1:08:35 Closing remarks from Edgard – 2 years in the making

|1:11:34 Roundtable with Corey, D, and Jesse

Episode hosts - Demetrick Fergurson, Corey Petty, Jessie Santiago

Produced by - Christian Noguera

And edited by - Christian Noguera

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